Hi. My name is Andrew Bosworth but most people call me Boz. I’m a native Californian and a Harvard graduate. I’m a husband, uncle, and father. I like photography, writing, and generally creating things. I’ve been working at Meta since 2006 where I am currently the CTO.

I started this blog with the goal of sharing a few of the lessons I’ve learned in my career. As I have been writing I’ve found myself fighting a desire to make myself look better. A big part of me wants to present myself as some kind of sage who has always been wise. But that isn’t true. I learned most of these lessons the hard way. Shame is a powerful force in our society and prevents us from sharing our lessons. We protect ourselves from criticism but also prevent people from connecting with us meaningfully. Shame begets more shame. Maybe by me talking about these things people will think less of me. But someone else will connect with it and maybe avoid the same mistake, or maybe even share their own.