Inbox ten

Unit of Work

Incentives and the Cobra Effect

Bottlenecks vs Bandpass

Get It Done

Focus On Impact


Theory of Mind

Cycle Time

Limits of Service Leadership



On Sarcasm

On Humility


Harness Selection Bias

Half Staffed is Unstaffed


Be Plainspoken

Information and Effort

Context and Conspiracy

Humility and Hyperbole

The Paradox of the Heap


On Experts and Critics

Asimov and Emotion

Runaway Selection

The Streetlight Effect

Which Self

Free Trade

The Problem with Proximate Cause

Second Order Anxiety

Finding The Line

Know Thyself

Failure Theory

Manage Your Manager

The Last Bus Problem

The Process

Demand Side Problems


Worst to First

Strength Dictates Weakness

Data Downfalls

Biggest Fear

War Room Stories

Hearing Feedback

Be Helpful

On Middle Management

Transparent Process

Don't Break the Build

Role Definition and Team Composition

Learning to Stop Worrying and Love Management

Portfolio Management

The $200 Strategy

On Organizational Structures


The Revenue Takes Care of Itself

Corporate Athlete

Traits I Value

Stars and Guardians

Management As Process

Moon Illusion

Radical Responsibility

Nickels and Dimes

Spot Checks and Brown M&Ms

Transparency and Good Intent

Honesty and Optimism

On Reviews

Time Management

A Personal Interface

Stable Infra

Leaky Abstractions


Value Add Disease

The Right Price

Moon Shots & Problem Sizing

Move Fast, Break Things Explained

Conspicuous Presence

Age of Authenticity

Explain Like I'm Five

The Benefit of a Short Emotional Memory

Refuse to Rule

How to Win An Argument

How Not to Disagree

Escalate Early and Often

Mutual Knowledge


Writing Is Thinking

Mission, Strategy, and Tactics

Breaking Bad News

The P Rules

The Pain is the Rehab

Survivorship Bias and Growth

Strong Opinions, Weakly Held

A Career Cold Start Algorithm


Ownership and Entitlement

Listening is The Job

Communication is The Job

Blind to Bias

Damn the Org Chart

Influence Over Authority

Proportional Response

Speak For Yourself


Feedback Is A Gift

Ask For Help

Give Hard Feedback Fast

Be Kind

Take Longer Vacations

Speak in Stories

Conspicuous Absence

Convincing Failure


Sense of Urgency

Service Oriented Organization

Ask for Advice, Not Permission

Brands Are Tools To Help Humanity Scale

The Impact Trap

Say Yes

Time > Money

Say No

The Hacker Way

The Path Matters